Lombok Coconut Charcoal. The Superhero.

5 February 2023

CHARCOAL-ING YOUR SKIN Our skin is like a busy city, with pollutants and impurities clogging up the streets. But with a charcoal detox facial, we’re sending in the heavy machinery to clear it all out. Charcoal may be known for its grilling abilities, but it’s also..


20 July 2022

Did you know The Lombok Lodge Signature Rock Salt & Organic Ground Pepper are a perfect mix with the delicious Tuscany of Virgin Olive Oil we serve at The Lombok Lodge Hospitality Concept? Not to forget; a great match witch Chef Jiwa Raga delicious dinner breads..

Post-Pandemic Paradise!

5 July 2022

Ultra-luxury villas with butlers, and an idyllic private beach on the Gili Islands: Anja (48) and Ben (50) are further expanding Boutique hotel The Lombok Lodge in Indonesia. This is the first part of the summer series Success Without Borders, about Belgians who score abroad…

Lombok Organic Gardens by Sea

2 July 2022


Chef’s Jiwa’s 12th anniversary at The Lombok Lodge

31 December 2021

2022 WILL BE LANDMARK – Exactly 12years ago today, Executive Chef Jiwa Raga began his first day with us here at Flavors Restaurant – Cozy Fining Restaurant at The Lombok Lodge Hotel. On this special day, we are pleased to share a special message from..

Travelling to Lombok in Corona Times

17 November 2021

Last Updated November, 17, 2021 at 5:00 am (GMT +8) Please note that this page will continue to be updated with the latest information. While the information reflected at our website is updated regularly, entry requirements may change at short notice and we kindly advise..

The Lombok Lodge Liquid Gold

1 November 2021

MADU RAJA TRIGONA When you hear the word “bee” what is the first thought that comes to your mind? Is it maybe the delicious honey? The buzzing sound of bees? Or is it maybe the thought that bees can sting you? If you associate bees..

Surya Sevana at The Villa Estate

17 October 2021

Here Comes The Sun! Sunrise at The Lombok Lodge Private Villa Estate means Sunrise over Lombok’s Rice Padi’s and the mountains. Extremely Beautiful. Unique. Truly Special. Full of Glory, Wealth and Bright Light. A magical and memorable experience. The fascination of sunrises will never get tiring,..

Feng Shui in Lombok I Feng Shui at our New Private Villas

2 November 2020

COMING VERY SOON The Lombok Lodge Private Villa Estate Luxury 1-, 2- & 3-Bedroom Beach, Villas with Private Infinity Pool, Private Coconut Grove & Top-Notch Butler Services Lombok Island, Indonesia FENG SHUI IN LOMBOK In the past months, the first villas have been built using..

Brand New Gili Meno Extensions!

13 October 2020

Exactly 10 years after launching The Lombok Lodge, we are excited to announce that we are extending our services at Gili Meno! Gili Meno is our Favorite Gili Island with Crystal-Clear Water and pretty White-Coral Sand Beaches, located at about 15 minutes from The Lodge…