• D I S C O V E R – S C U B A – D I V I N G – 1 P A X Rp5530 - Order now >

    Price Breakdown – (Discover Scuba @ IDR 1 130K) + (Private Boat Charges @ IDR 4 390K)



  • D I S C O V E R – S C U B A – D I V I N G – S T A R T I N G – 2 P A X Rp3325 - Order now >


    Price Breakdown – (Discover Scuba @ IDR 1 130K) x 2 Pax + (Private Boat Charges @ IDR 4 390K) : 2 Pax


    The introduction dive is a half day course where we teach you the basics in the pool and then take you on a boat dive. This is the perfect experience to give you a taste of diving. If you want to find out but aren’t quite ready to take the full Open Water Course, the Discover Scuba Diving will let you try scuba diving to see if you like it.

    The discover scuba diving program is a 1-day program in which you will be trained by one of our PADI scuba dive instructors. Theory of 30 minutes plus trial in the swimming pool and continue with one time dive.

    This scuba diving program is actually not a scuba certification. However, during this introduction dive you’ll learn how to use scuba equipment, how to swim underwater and you’ll get a proper introduction to what it takes to explore the underwater world during an ocean dive to 12 meters.

    During the dive your instructor will show you all the beautiful underwater world of the Gili Islands. There is a big chance for you to spot some turtles, clown fish, lion fish and blue star fish. We will give you a dive experience you will never forget!

    Before you go in the pool we have to go over the explanation of the scuba equipment and the skill you have to master in the pool.

    The skills in the pool: You dive in the pool with an experienced dive instructor close to you. In the pool he will demonstrate all skills and you will practise them. The skills are: Inflate and deflate buoyancy control device, breathing underwater, equalization techniques, regulator clearing (2 ways), regulator recovery, clearing a partial floated mask and swimming around the pool. Price per person, minimum of two persons


    If you like to dive more after your introduction dive we have several options:

    1. Another dive under direct supervision of a dive instructor. Still you don’t earn a scuba diving certification. But it is the best option if you are time limited or if you don’t like to study.
    2. Starting your Open Water Course. This takes just 3 days more. And at the end, if you meet all performance requirements, you will be certified as an open water diver. This means you can dive together with another certified diver to a depth of 18 meters. Read more >

    The certificate is applicable for one year
    Free use of GoPro Camera & a copy of the photos after the trip