– The New Gilis in the South-West of Lombok –
Full Day Snorkelling Tour

Escape to the small islands at the South-West Coast of Lombok on a full-day snorkeling tour. Swim along coral reefs and marvel at the colorful underwater life. Hop on board a traditional motorized outrigger and discover why Gili Nanggu is known as Paradise Island on this private 8-hour tour.

Gili Nanggu is the most famous Gili of the South-Western Gili islands, but all of them are natural beauties and have unexploited nature. The islands are located at the southwest of Lombok and can only be reached by boat.
From West Sekotong you will arrive in only 15 minutes at the first islands

On Gili Kedis

Gili Kedis is the tiniest island! It is probably not bigger than the size of a tennis court, and has the shape of a heart. You won’t find anything on the island, except from some trees in the middle. There are not so many fish around, but it is worth trying.

On Gili Sudak

After visiting Gili Nanggu and Gili Kedis, it is most likely that you will go for lunch at Gili Sudak. This island is a bit smaller than Gili Nanggu and known as the ‘lunch island’. You will find a couple of warungs (around four) where you can order all kind of local dishes like ‘Gado Gado’, ‘Nasi Goreng’, or ‘local fish’.

On Gili Nanggu

Gili Nanggu is the most beautiful island of these four Gili’s. There is almost nothing going on. So far, I believe there is only one accommodation and one restaurant on the entire island. We did some snorkeling around Gili Nanggu and there was plenty of beautiful coral and colorful fish around. The beaches at Gili Nanggu are tropical white and you will find crystal clear blue water, where you can perfectly snorkel and swim. At Gili Nanggu we found more fish and coral than on the other Gili islands.

– Itinerary –
In the morning after breakfast your trip will start from The Lombok Lodge Hotel Lobby. Drive from The Lombok Lodge to West Sekotong, take a boat to Gili Nanngu, snorkel for two hours at Gili Nanggu, take a boat to Gili Kedis, snorkel for one hour at Gili Kedis, take a boat to Gili Sudak, have lunch at Gili Sudak and snorkel, boat back to West Sekotong, drive back to The Lombok Lodge

Duration: 8 Hours
Please be aware the car transfer to reach the South-West of Lombok will take you about 2,5 hours.

  • G I L I – N A N G G U , S U D A K & K E D I S / S O U T H – W E S T – L O M B O K Rp4490 - Order now >


    Snorkeling Equipment will be provided
    Water & Towels will be provided
    Free use of GoPro Camera & a copy of the photos after the trip
    Price per car, max. 4 Persons per car


    *Please note that as per South-Lombok area regulations, boat services at South Lombok area are operated by a third party / local organization. Quality of services and conditions of the boat may vary from our standards.


    *As lunch options are very limited and basic at the islands in the South of Lombok, we strongly recommend you to order your Take-Away lunch or all-in picnic hamper. We keep all take-away meals and picnic baskets ice and ice cold with ice packs.


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