• Bathrituals at The Lombok Lodge Boutique Hotel


  • L U L L A – B A B Y – B A T H Rp450 - Order now >

    Milk & Honey Bath Ritual with Pink Frangipani and the Relaxting Tunes of Laura Nashman’s Lullababy Songs. Warm Bath Water, Fresh Skim Milk, to ‘Nurture you as your breast milk will nurture your new baby’, Honey, to ‘Remind you of the sweetness of a Mother’s Love’, Pink flower petals, Vanilla bean Sticks, Virgin Coconut Oil, The Lombok Lodge Signature Drink, Chef Jiwa’s Sweet Box, and the Relaxing Tunes of Laura Nashman’s Lulla-baby Songs.


  • P U R E – C – B A T H Rp450 - Order now >

    Pure Vitamine C with the Natural Sounds of Montery Bay. Intoxicating scents, therapeutic healing to make your day a perfect one.
    Orange Slices (grounding, fragrant, and uplifting), Grapefruit Slices, Lemon Slices, Virgin Coconut Oil, Fresh Basil from The Lodge organic garden, Essential Bathsalts, Frangipani Flowers, Fresh Young Coconut, Chef Jiwa’s Sweet Box and Tunes of Montery Bay.

    A word of caution: A hot bath also lowers your blood pressure, so avoid it if yours is already low; otherwise, it may leave you weak and faint.


  • A R O M A T I C – H E R B A L – B A T H Rp450 - Order now >

    A delicious prelude that leaves the skin and mind truly receptive to the benefits of this ‘body&soul’ bath ritual. Relax and unwind in style with Chamomile (relieves pain and provides relief from insect bites), Eucalyptus (Opens your lungs and helps you breathe), Ginger (Enhances bloodflow to all parts of your body), Mint (stimulates and heals your skin), Rosemary (promotes relaxation), Jasmine (Enhances your mood and refreshes your skin) and the Healing Tunes of Snatan Kaur.


  • C H A M P A G N E & C H O C O L A T E – B A T H Rp1290 - Order now >

    Make your holiday even more memorable, with an extravagant Champagne & Chocolat Bath. The Lodge therapist will prepare a Louis Rogederer Champagne bath in your Lodge to make your holiday even more memorable. Relaxing blend of essentials oils, Virgin coconut oil with coconut rind, Frangipani Flowers, Citrus Bubbles, One bottle of Louis Roederer Champagne, Chef Jiwa’s selection of chocolat delights and cookies and the Jazzy Tunes of Norah Jones.


  • I C E – C U C U M B E R – B A T H Rp450 - Order now >

    Pamper your body after a day in the sun. The Lodge spa therapist will create a cool bath water with fresh cucumber, skin soothing essential oils of chamomile, virgin Coconut Oil, Electrolyte Drinks and Ice, Fresh fruit of your preference and the Cooling Nature Tunes of Monterey Bay.

  • F R A N G I P A N I – F L O W E R – B A T H Rp350 - Order now >

    A romantic Bath filled with Lombok Frangipani flowers. The Lodge therapist will prepare the flower bath in your Lodge to create a romantic feeling and sweet memories.