Your therapist will tailor 100% natural treatments to your skin type, selecting products to correct any major imbalances. The heart of these treatments are a mask that stimulates and enhances the action of the products while moisturizing and decongesting your skin – an indispensable step to a healthy, glowing complexion.

  • C H A R C O A L – D E T O X – F A C I A L Rp1490 - Order now >

    60 Minutes
    Highly Recommended – Remove toxins from your face
    – F O R – H I M / H E R –


    The Lombok Lodge Charcoal Detox Facial will give your skin nutrition by Ultra Sound Machine Therapy and as result, your skin texture will improve, blocked pores will open and your skin will look much brighter than before


  • N A T U R A L – F A C I A L – F O R – H E R Rp1190 - Order now >

    60 minutes

  • N A T U R A L – F A C I A L – F O R – H I M Rp1190 - Order now >

    60 minutes

    Remark – Gentlemen, if you prefer to choose a facial, please shave before the treatment, although no essential but definitely beneficial.