Indulge in a variety of body wrap treatments, an oasis of pampering awaits. All therapies are designed to nurture the body and mind, providing a blissful return to balance.

  • P A P A Y A – A N D – O R G A N I C – H O N E Y – W R A P Rp1190 - Order now >

    90 minutes

    Proceeded by a gentle exfoliating aromatic body scrub to prepare your body for the relaxing sensation of The Lombok Lodge Papaya and Organic Honey Wrap to help lightening skin pigmentation and boast radiant skin.

  • S P I C E S – A N D – G I N G E R – B O D Y – W R A P Rp1190 - Order now >

    90 minutes

    Inspired by the traditonal Indonesian ‘Boreh’ remedies, this unique spa treatment begin with the application of an exotic Lombok Coffee scrub to prepare the skin for a luxurious full body wrap consisting of a blend of warm spices, ginger and nutmeg. This creates an effective antidote for tired, fatigued muscles and detoxifies the skin.

  • A L O E – V E R A – B O D Y – W R A P Rp1190 - Order now >

    60 minutes

    Aloe Vera, a natural treatment for sunburn, is applied to the entire body. This cooling ingredient provides instant relief while moisturizing and encouraging new cell growth.

    – With Aloe Vera from The Organic Gardens by The Sea at The Private Villa Estate of The Lombok Lodge –