• G O N D A N G – B I K I N G – T R I P Rp700 - Order now >


      – Exclusively available for Villa Resident Guests –

      * For Hotel Guests at Medana Bay – available in addition to ‘The Private Villa Estate Visit’;
      Exciting Half-day trip to experience the brand new ‘Private Villa Estate’ by The Lombok Lodge Hospitality Services.


      Cycle around Gondang Village, the village of The Private Villa Estate, and enjoy the daily life of local farmers, and the calm and serene atmosphere Gondang. Enjoy the fresh air breeze and green scenery along the route and visit Gondang’s newest buddhist temple.

      Gondang area has many people who recognise Buddhism as their religion, and this new temple is the Gondang Buddhist community’s way of expressing their religion.

      On your way back to The Villa Estate, you will make s short stop at Sendayu Beach where you can relax while enjoying the landscape of Gondang beach and visit the turtle conservation of Sendayu beach.



    • S U S T A I N A B I L I T Y – T O U R Rp1250 - Order now >

      Duration: 60-90 minutes
      Max. 8 Persons
      Including 245Gr Organic Honey


      – Exclusively available for Villa Resident Guests –
      * For Hotel Guests at Medana Bay – available in addition to ‘The Private Villa Estate Visit’ – Exciting Half-day trip to experience the brand new ‘Private Villa Estate’ by The Lombok Lodge Hospitality Services.


      Here at The Lombok Lodge Hospitality Concepts, we want to be a part of the change for the better! We believe that luxury and sustainability go hand in hand, where we as luxury service providers pledge to conduct fair and sustainable business practices that continue to develop our immediate local community and extends to those who we do business with outside of beautiful Lombok.

      Enjoy The Lombok Lodge Sustainability Tour at the new Private Villa Estate.
      The tour will guide you through the following;



      Discover the magic of these hardworking and vital creatures, on ‘The Private Villa Estate’ grounds, where the beehives are located. Join our professional local beekeeper Pak Nyoman and learn more about the fascinating world of bees, the production of honey and what our “busy” bees need to create this sweet and super healthy temptation. ** Although our bee colonies consist of stingless bees, the hotel will provide beekeeper protective nets & hats.



      To sustain the local environment, we grow our own vegetables! The Lombok Lodge ‘Organic Gardens by The Sea’ are located at our brand new Private Villa Estate. Carrots, Cherry Tomatoes, Spinach, Different Kinds of Lettuce, Eggplants, Lombok Chili, Sweet Potatoes and so many vegetables that are used by Chef Jiwa and his team for cooking.

      Did you know that we have our own Cashew nut trees and that we roast our own organic cashew nuts? Did you know that Chef Jiwa’s roasts The Lombok Lodge super healthy Cacao Nibs from our Cacao Tree?



      At The Lombok Lodge, we pride ourselves in the minimal use of plastics. Aside from the use of reusable water bottles, and recyclable glass bottles, we also do not make use of plastic straws. At The Lombok Lodge, as well as the brand new Private Villa Estate and as at Bagno Di Gili, the exclusive beach area of The Lombok Lodge, we make use of papaya straws. Learn how to make your own Papaya Straws during this guided tour.



      Help to raise awareness of the endangered Sea Turtles on Lombok and around the world.
      Together we can make a difference! Save the planet! Save the Turtles!
      Visit the turtle nest at The Villa Estate and learn about about the beautiful nesting process.



      Created by the community, for the community. At The Private Villa Estate Boutique, we support the many talented eco-artisans in Lombok. Only sustainable and environmentally-friendly productions are offered, all with a strong focus on involving women and communities in poverty.


      From cutlery and candles to bowls and jewelry, our Coconut Eco-Artisans reinvent the possibility of the humble coconut every day. From cheeky planters to exquisite vases, The Lombok Lodge Pottery Artisan will have the right product for your design style and give you chance to bring home a piece of Lombok history. The Lombok Lodge talented ‘Weaving Artisan’ offers one-of-a-kind handmade products out of handwoven textiles using natural dyes, all while empowering women in the Sembalun Valley Village, East Lombok.


      Read more about Sustainability & The Lombok Lodge Hospitality



    • T R A D I T I O N A L – L O M B O K – F I S H I N G – T R I P Rp590 - Order now >


      Morning Fishing in a traditional Lombok Fisherman Boat
      For the best pictures of your Indonesia Trip!
      – A unique experience –

      Recommended during sunrise, however available as well during sunset


      Read our Blog Post >



    • C O O K I N G – C L A S S – W I T H – C H E F – J I W A Rp2980 - Order now >


      Al Fresco Indonesian Cooking Class

      The Lodge Executive Chef, Pak Jiwa, will learn how to make to most delicious Indonesian dishes. You will enjoy a 2-course lunch (Starter & Main / Main & Dessert), prepared with your assistance.


      Duration: Two hours
      Price per Couple – Min. 2 Persons
      – Highly Recommended –






    • P R I V A T E – V I L L A – E S T A T E – V S I T – B Y – C A R Rp4200 - Order now >

    • P R I V A T E – V I L L A – E S T A T E – V I S I T – B Y – B O A T Rp7290 - Order now >

      Exciting Half-day trip to experience the brand new ‘Private Villa Estate’
      by The Lombok Lodge Hospitality Services.


      Escape to Private World of The Private Villa Estate, where beautiful Rice Paddies, stunning Mountains Views, Fresh Sea Breezes and the sparkling Waters of the Ocean greet you. Authentic and Unforgettable. Lombok at Its Purest.

      The experience includes Car Transfer Services by Luxury SUV or Boat Transfer Services by The Lombok Lodge Boat, two Free 60-Minutes Spa-Treatments of your choice at The Estate Spa, The Lombok Lodge Sustainability Tour (60 min) and 2-Course Lunch (Starter & Main / Main & Dessert) for two at the Wine Bar of The Estate.




      The Lombok Lodge Private Villa Estate is located – ‘…Where Nobody Can Find You…’ at 20 minutes  from The Lombok Lodge Boutique Hotel.

      The Villa Estate by The Lombok Lodge is a private property.
      Access to The Estate is restricted to Villa-Residents & Guided Tour Reservations (no walk-ins) of Residents of The Lombok Lodge Boutique Hotel only.

      Suggested Departure Time 10:00 am – Duration: Est. 4 hours – Latest Time to return: 2:30pm – Price per Couple – Additional persons with additional charge – Max. 5 Persons per Car – Max. 10 Persons per Boat

      Private Villa Estate Visits are available as well by by Jet-Ski (5 min. trip)
      Surcharges may apply

      Secure Villa Investment Opportunities available

      * Should you prefer to visit The Villa Estate BY CAR, you will have a quick impression of what The Lombok Lodge Foundation is doing in Tanjung area and surrounding villages.The close relationship with The Lombok Lodge and many of our guests have enriched the lives of our team members and many other indigenous Lombok people after the earthquakes in August 2018.




    • T H E – L O M B O K – L O D G E – F O U N D A T I O N Rp450 - Order now >

      We invite you to discover what TLL Foundation is doing in Tanjung area and surrounding villages.


      The close relationship with The Lombok Lodge and many of our guests have enriched the lives of our team members and many other indigenous Lombok people after the earthquakes in August 2018.


      It was our guest’s involvement, together with other generous friends and relatives with a heart for Lombok, that made miracles start to happen; their support was and still is, instrumental to the Foundation’s success.


      We encourage you to take the time to visit and to see for yourself how beautiful, interesting, and inspiring life in Lombok really is after the natural disasters. We have no doubt that you will be touched by the experience.



      Duration about 1 hour
      Tour by hotel car or by motor car, depending on preference and availability
      Charges for this tour will be donated in full to The Lombok Lodge Team



    • T H E – B E A C H E S – O F – S O U T H – L O M B O K Rp2195 - Order now >

      – Explore the Beaches of South Lombok –

      Selong Belanak Beach is located in the South of Lombok. It’s a beautiful secret beach where you can enjoy the white sand and the quietness. The waves offer a variety of challenges to surfers from beginners to seer madness. Surf lessons from professionals are available.

      Merese Hill, from the top of the hill, you can see the beauty of Seger Beach in the west and Gili Anak Anjakan in the east.
      Next stop is Tanjung Aan Beach, is located around 5 km east of Kuta and you’ll find the most incredible white sandy beach.

      Price per car. Duration : 8 hours
      Suggested departure at 8.30 am



    • L O M B O K – C U L T U R E – T O U R Rp2195 - Order now >

      A Culture and Shopping Tour to explore the local village Life. Experience Lombok’s unique Sasak-Hindu temple at Lingsar, the most important temple on the island. Gain insight into traditional daily life by visiting the village of Nyiur Baya. The durable and famous “Ketak” handicrafts are made here. Visit the royal palace “Narmada”. Built in 1805, originally as the Raja’s (King’s) summer palace. From the palace continue to the Weaving Village, followed by a visit to the nearby village of Banyumulek, where Lombok’s famous hand-thrown pottery is produced. Price per car. Duration : 8 hours. Suggested departure at 8.30 am.






    • G U I D E D – B I K I N G – T R I P Rp595 - Order now >

      Mountain bikes are available free of charge.

      A guided biking trip to explore Tanjung Area is available upon request.
      price per couple
      Duration : ± 3 hours, suggested departure 8.30am



    • G U I D E D – S C O O T E R – T R I P Rp990 - Order now >

      – Unique Guided Scooter Trip –


      – N O R T H – L O M B O K – B E A U T Y –
      Tiu Pupus Waterfalls – Tiu Pituq Waterfalls – Gangga Waterfalls – Buddhist Temple at Lenek Village – Rice Fields


      – S E N G G I G I – & – M O N K E Y – F O R E S T
      Malaka – Malimbu – Senggigi ArtMarket – Senggigi Shopping – Monkey Forest


      – One Scooter for two persons – Including guide with Scooter
      Additional Scooter at IDR 250K++




    • R I N J A N I – H E L I C O P T E R Rp95000 - Order now >

      – Exclusive Helicopter Trip to Mount Rinjani Vulcano –

      Discover Lombok’s Mt. Rinjani, Indonesia’s second highest volcano. At 3,726 meters, it towers over Lombok, and boasts a – 10 kilo meter wide crater – a habitat with deep gorges, towering walls, hot springs, waterfalls, and a perfectly shaped volcanic cone. This strato- volcano’s oval-shaped Segara Anak caldera also contains a 230-m-deep lake. The hike up the volcano takes several nights to conquer on foot. Your flight also includes panoramic vistas of rainforests, deep and meandering valleys only visible from the sky. Duration: Approx. 150 minutes. Advance reservation is recommended. Alternatively, we would be pleased to assist you and book your helicopter tour, depending on availability, upon your arrival at The Lodge.

      Tours are confirmed with a minimum of 4 passengers. Helicopter capacity allows 1-6 passengers on a flight. All flights are subject to availability, confirmed passenger weights, weather and Air Traffic Control.



    • N O R T H – L O M B O K – W A T E R F A L L S Rp1990 - Order now >

      – The North Lombok Highlight – The Sendang Gile Waterfalls –

      A Light Trekking Tour not to be missed while visiting Lombok.

      Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep Waterfall are two incredible waterfalls in the north of Lombok. The waterfalls are located in the town of Senaru, which is the starting point for trekking to Mount Rinjani.

      Sendang Gile, the first waterfall, is a place where the water comes straight off one of the highest peaks in Southeast Asia. The water is considered to be some of the cleanest and freshest water in Indonesia.

      After you finish up adventuring at Sendang Gile waterfall it’s time to get back on the path and continue heading towards the big attraction of the day. The trail leads you along the side of the river before it requires you to make a few crossings. Finally, you may have to actually walk through the river in cold, ankle-deep water.

      After a soft trek for approximately 30-40 minutes, you will find the second Waterfall, the Tiu Kelep Waterfall.
      Here you rest and swim in the cool water pool formed by the Waterfalls.
      Tiu Kelep Waterfall – the one posted online all the time – is an epic amphitheater with one of the most dramatic falls you will see in Indonesia.

      Duration: 6 Hours





    • B U A N I – T R E K K I N G Rp935 - Order now >


      Explore the beauty of Northern Lombok with early morning hiking and meditation.


      Buani is a Buddhist village which is situated approximately 10km from The Lodge. The village is located behind the hills, at an altitude of about 600m above sea level. Natural scenery is amazing with the expanse of coconut groves and green rice fields.

      This trekking trip begins with a drive to the village of ‘Lenek’ where you will begin to walk across a hilly area about 1,5 hours. The trip ends in a Buddhist temple and nearby forest which become a comfortable home for a group of monkeys (Macaca).

      The seldom recognized, but anthropologically important Buddhist community are thought to be the original settlers of Lombok.

      Price per person (min. 2 pax).
      Suggested departure time is at 7:30am.
      Duration: 3 hours.



    • L O C A L – M A R K E T Rp535 - Order now >

      A special experience by traditional horse cart. The Lodge is situated in the pristine Medana Bay, part of Tanjung-Village, a surprisingly beautiful rice-field village in the North-West of the island. A local horse cart will pick you up at The Lodge to visit the traditional Market of Tanjung and one of the beautiful traditional local villages of Tanjung. Duration : ± 2 hours, suggested departure 8.30am. Price per horse cart. (Max. 2 Adults, 2 Children per horse cart)



    • P E A R L – F A R M – T O U R Rp535 - Order now >

      An inside into Lombok’s famous pearl culture industry from a world renowned pearl company. Guided Tour. The transfer to/from the pearl farm will take about 20 minutes. Duration Guided Tour: ± 1 hour. price per person – min. 2 pax – incl. return transfers. Additional persons with the additional charge of IDR 385, price per additional person.



    • L O M B O K – W I L D L I F E – P A R K ( A D U L T ) Rp250 - Order now >

      The Lombok Wildlife Park is located at 10 minutes from The Lombok Lodge.

      Price per person, minimum of 2 persons
      Transfer Service by return, Admission Fee
      Duration: 2 hours

    • L O M B O K – W I L D L I F E – P A R K ( C H I L D ) Rp200 - Order now >

      The Lombok Wildlife Park is located at 10 minutes from The Lombok Lodge.

      Transfer Service by return, Admission Fee
      Price per child, minimum of 2 persons
      Duration: 2 hours



    • R E N T – A – C A R – S E L F – D R I V E Rp1065 - Order now >

      per day, including insurance

    • R E N T – A – C A R – W I T H – D R I V E R Rp1855 - Order now >

      per day, including fuel and insurance.

    • R E N T – T H E – L O M B O K – L O D G E – M O T O R B I K E S Rp250 - Order now >

      price per scooter per day

      Kindly be informed that we offer a motorbike rental service WITHOUT insurance, a service at your own risk. In case of accident ;the property damage and the cost to repair the motorbike into it’s original condition – and personal damage will be at your own risk/cost. The Lombok Lodge can not be held responsible.