• C O O K I N G – C L A S S – W I T H – C H E F – J I W A Rp2980 - Order now >


      Al Fresco Indonesian Cooking Class

      The Lodge Executive Chef, Pak Jiwa, will learn how to make to most delicious Indonesian dishes. You will enjoy a 2-course lunch (Starter & Main / Main & Dessert), prepared with your assistance.


      Duration: Two hours
      Price per Couple – Min. 2 Persons
      – Highly Recommended –






    • P R I V A T E – V I L L A – E S T A T E – V S I T – B Y – C A R Rp4200 - Order now >

    • P R I V A T E – V I L L A – E S T A T E – V I S I T – B Y – B O A T Rp7290 - Order now >

      Exciting Half-day trip to experience the brand new ‘Private Villa Estate’
      by The Lombok Lodge Hospitality Services.


      Escape to Private World of The Private Villa Estate, where beautiful Rice Paddies, stunning Mountains Views, Fresh Sea Breezes and the sparkling Waters of the Ocean greet you. Authentic and Unforgettable. Lombok at Its Purest.

      The experience includes Car Transfer Services by Luxury SUV or Boat Transfer Services by The Lombok Lodge Boat, two Free 60-Minutes Spa-Treatments of your choice at The Estate Spa, The Lombok Lodge Sustainability Tour (60 min) and 2-Course Lunch (Starter & Main / Main & Dessert) for two at the Wine Bar of The Estate.




      The Lombok Lodge Private Villa Estate is located – ‘…Where Nobody Can Find You…’ at 20 minutes  from The Lombok Lodge Boutique Hotel.

      The Villa Estate by The Lombok Lodge is a private property.
      Access to The Estate is restricted to Villa-Residents & Guided Tour Reservations (no walk-ins) of Residents of The Lombok Lodge Boutique Hotel only.

      Suggested Departure Time 10:00 am – Duration: Est. 4 hours – Latest Time to return: 2:30pm – Price per Couple – Additional persons with additional charge – Max. 5 Persons per Car – Max. 10 Persons per Boat

      Private Villa Estate Visits are available as well by by Jet-Ski (5 min. trip)
      Surcharges may apply

      Secure Villa Investment Opportunities available

      * Should you prefer to visit The Villa Estate BY CAR, you will have a quick impression of what The Lombok Lodge Foundation is doing in Tanjung area and surrounding villages.The close relationship with The Lombok Lodge and many of our guests have enriched the lives of our team members and many other indigenous Lombok people after the earthquakes in August 2018.




    • M E D A N A – B A Y – M I N I – C R U I S E & S N O R K E L I N G Rp710 - Order now >

      Around 200 meters from the shore of The Lombok Lodge, a beautiful and rich coral reef provide a home to blue giant starfish and an array of untouched corals.

      Medana Bay Mini Cruise & Snorkeling Experience by private boat.
      Discover the beautiful, rich coral reef in front of The Lodge.

      Price per boat
      Duration 90 minutes
      Quality Aqua Lung Snorkeling Sets available @ USD 10++, price per set per day
      GoPro 7 Camera provided




    • H O L I D A Y – P H O T O – S H O O T Rp1500 - Order now >


      Professional Holiday Photo shoot of you and your loved ones. For the most wonderful Holiday Memories. Pictures in colour or black & white, provided provided electronically for immediate social media posting. No album or printed pictures included


      Mas Li’s – The Lombok Lodge Professional Photographer – ‘Picture Perfect’ Canon Services
      Price per Hour




    • P O O L & B E A C H Order now >

      The Lodge Swimming pool is operational from 7:00am to 7:00pm. This facility is exclusive for resident guests. Please note the water depth of The Lodge 25m-Swimming Pool is 1.60 meter. While the beach at The Lombok Lodge is inviting, we recommend that you do not swim in the sea.



    • S U R Y A – S E V A N A Rp0 - Order now >

      Welcome the Sunrise!

      At The Lombok Lodge we are specialists in Sunrises
      and Sunrises at The Lombok Lodge – in all its splendour over mighty Mount Rinjani – are full of Glory, Wealth and Bright Light.

      While staying at The Lombok Lodge, we offer you to beautiful Hindu experience to ‘Worship Lord Surya’ and to welcome the sunrise at The Lodge Surya Sevana Hotspot.

      The Lombok Lodge ‘Surya Sevana’ Herbal Tea – with the most delicious herbs from Chef Jiwa’s abundant organic garden – will be offered free of charge.

      Read our Blog Post about Surya Sevana >



    • P R I V A T E – J E T T Y – D I N I N G – D E L U X E Rp2180 - Order now >

      Enjoy a romantic evening like no other at The Lodge beach/jetty dining area, with the Chef Jiwa Raga’s delicious 6-Course Signature Menu with Lombok Lobster. Advance Booking of at least 24 hours prior. Subject to availability.

      Remark: The Lobster Menu will replace your 5-Course Set-Menu of the day and as included in your accommodation package. Price per Couple.

      See menu


    • P R I V A T E – C E L E B R A T I O N – D I N I N G – W I T H – L O B S T E R Rp3080 - Order now >

      * A bottle of Sparkling Wine, along with canapés
      * A delicious Birthday/Anniversary cake, by Chef Jiwa Raga
      * One private candlelit Dinner with Chef Jiwa Raga’s delicious 6-Course Signature Menu – The Lombok Lobster Menu –
      served at The Lodge Jetty, at The Lodge Boat House or at The Lodge Seaside Dining Table
      * Celebration Day Fireworks

      Not to be missed while staying at The Lombok Lodge.

      Remark: The Lobster Menu will replace your 5-Course Set-Menu of the day and as included in your accommodation package. Price per Couple.

      See menu

    • B E A C H – B A R B E Q U E – U N D E R – T H E – S T A R S Rp2180 - Order now >

      Make the most of the stunning surroundings of The Lombok Lodge with a Private Beach BBQ under the stars with family, or that special someone, at The Lodge secluded private beach barbecue dining area. Options for vegetarians and those with other special dietary requirements are available. Beach Barbecue reservations must be made at least 48 hours in advance.

      Remark: The Barbecue Menu will replace the 5-Course Set-Menu as included in your accommodation package. Price per couple.

      See Menu